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Pebble Mindful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding support and self care.

Smiling Baby

Pebble Mindful Breastfeeding Group

Coming in 2024!


Through weekly meet ups find out all you need to know to make your breastfeeding experience as calm and connected as possible.


Using relaxation, mindfulness and wellbeing techniques Mindful Breastfeeding helps parents and babies have a more fulfilling, joyful and less stressful breastfeeding experience. 


Feeding babies looks different for everyone and I’m here to help in a unique way.


Whether everything is going swimmingly or you’re experiencing challenges, Mindful Breastfeeding groups and 1:1 support have something to offer you.

Pebble Mindful Breastfeeding 1:1

Coming Winter 2023!

If you're experiencing Breastfeeding challenges I can offer 1:1 support online or in person, including in your own home. 

Image by Luiza Braun
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